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„We came to Nepal because of the mountains, but we stayed because of the people.“ 

Sir Edmund Hillary



Aamako Sapanamother’s dream – is a Nepali Home Stay that is not limited to hosting guests but also offers social interaction programmes, organizes sightseeing treks and tours upon request, and provides any kind of support during your stay in Nepal.

Aamako Sapana seeks to bring international travellers and local communities together to work for sustainable development and empowerment not only at Dhungedhara in Kathmandu but also in Mallaj, a rural remote village gateway to Mustang where vulnerable people, especially women and children, are marginalised and live in hard conditions. 

Aamako Sapana, is neither an NGO nor an Association, but it is a unique Home Stay that combines cultural awareness and sustainable tourism offers you an alternative way of travelling and encourages social interaction with local people and active participation in change-making development programmes. 

If you are a passionate and open-minded traveller, keen on cultural immersion and social service, Aamako Sapana Home Stay is the right place for you and your expectations. 

Community Tourism

Treks and Tours 


Cooking Classes

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