For social change  

Aamako Sapana Home Stay wants to promote responsible tourism and local development, by hosting international travellers interested in experiencing Nepal from a local point of view. The main purpose is to help women and children living in disadvantaged situations both in the city and in rural areas, through educational programmes and community training projects run with the support of our international guests. 

We are a Home Stay that charges money only for food and accommodation and offers the opportunity to get involved in social activities, both in Kathmandu and in the village of Mallaj. The idea behind it is that we want to be an intermediary between international travellers and local communities in order to promote intercultural interaction and social change.


As a local family, we have connections with schools and local communities which are waiting for helping hands. We also introduce travellers to the needy people for donation programmes so that they can directly help without external intermediaries. 

Community tourism in Kathmandu:                        

  • Visit schools and do activities with children (i.e. English lessons, arts and crafts, sports, etc.)

  • Meet housewives and do activities (i.e. intercultural cooking classes, life skills, etc.)                                                                                                    

Community tourism in Mallaj:   

  • Visit schools and do activities with children (i.e. Health education, English lessons, sports, etc.)

  • Meet the rural women's group and do activities (i.e. learn the lifestyle, life skills, education, etc.)

  • Agriculture (i.e. learn the traditional method of farming and share knowledge)

  • Awareness of Health and Hygiene through practical activities

  • Construction and manual work (be involved in local people's work)

Our overall focus is to encourage sustainable development, by working together with local people according to an integrated approach. As a committed tourist, you can share your knowledge and skills and at the same time, you can learn about Nepali culture and lifestyle.  


Feel free to contact us for more information! 

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